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Term Assurance :

Term assurance (Level Term) is a cost effective way of providing a tax free cash lump sum to the people who depend on you if you were to die. Generally used for family protection.


Mortgage Protection Cover :

Mortgage Protection (often called Decreasing Term) is a cost effective way of giving life protection to a loan or a repayment mortgage which is decreasing in value as you repay the capital over the term.

Not suitable for Interest only mortgages.


Family Income Benefit :

Family Income Benefit as its name suggests if designed to provide your family with a regular monthly income for a set number of years if you were to die. Again this is primarily used for Family Protection.

It provides cover for a fixed term chosen by you. i.e until your children are 18.

If you die within this term the income will be paid out to the end of the original term selected.


Whole of life policies :

Unlike term assurance, whole of life policies provide cover for the whole of the insured's life. Generally more expensive than term assurance because there is certainty that the policyholder will die at some time. The benefit payable on death will be either a lump sum or the value of the invested fund, whichever is higher. Generally used for Funeral expenses or inheritance tax planning. Often these polices would benefit from being written into trust.


Income Protection (Permanent Health Insurance)

For most of us our potential to earn an income for many years to come is our most important asset. It enables us to have the standard of living we are used to. It also provides for all our other financial needs such as a pension ,mortgage, Life cover or other insurances.

Often if we lose the ability to earn an income because of accident illness or injury, all our other goals and plans collapse around us. This is why Income Protection is considered to one of the most important types of insurance to have.

It can provide a regular monthly income up to your normal retirement age and you can claim on it as many times as necessary. You decide the length of time it will pay for and the level of benefit you require. Once you have one of these policies you are the only one that can cancel no matter how long or how many times you claim.


Critical Illness :

Critical illness is an important area to consider. Many people do not have contingency plans for such an eventuality, yet how many people do you know whose lives have been affected by heart disease, cancer and stroke to name but a few.

You can buy critical illness to go with your Mortgage Protection policy or Level Term Policy (Life Assurance) or you can buy as a stand alone policy.

Critical Illness policies will pay out a lump sum on the diagnosis of a number of critical illnesses. This can be used to pay for treatment to help you recover or used to pay off your mortgage or other loans to take other pressures off you. For more information on this type of protection please click on the enquiry button below.

Please note that only some forms of cancer, heart disease and strokes are covered by a critical illness policy


Private Medical Insurance :

With NHS waiting list getting longer, Private Medical Insurance can help you avoid the unnecessary stresses this can cause when you least need it.

For most people however the costs of this type of treatment, even for relatively small operations, are out of reach. Private Medical Insurance can give you the peace of mind that you have the option if necessary.

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